Experience and Work History of Shayne Trosdahl

A capable back end developer with various programming Languages focusing on node. From a traditional design background, with experience in UI/UX design and stylize Sencha Touch based mobile applications for web or PhoneGap/Cordova using CSS 3 and HTML 5. Primarily involved with iOS deployment for App Store and Internal Enterprise release.

Technical Skills:

  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • Cordova
  • HTML5
  • UI/UX
  • CSS3
  • iOS deployment
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Adobe Suite

Work Experience:

iOS Mobile Design and Development
PHS Nashville, TN

  • Made use of customer/user feedback to suggest improvements or feature suggestions.
  • Refactor code to streamline where needed.
  • Working with UI animations with a focus on performance.
  • Creating custom javascript classes for global app reusability.
  • Added to or modified UI design of application as development was ongoing.
  • Setup SSL for local and production environments.
  • Documentation of code changes for internal and external use.
  • Deployment builds for OTA iOS Enterprise apps.
  • Modified Cordova plugins when needed to fix bugs or change functionality.
  • Researched and implemented bug fixes for new releases of iOS.
  • Custom scripts to automate builds.
  • Designed GIT workflow for needs of development team.
  • Worked with other developers on how to use GIT with a GUI and/or Command line.
  • Migrated customers from SVN to Git using Gitlab.

Design & Development
InStock Companies, TN

  • Designed and Branded ASP .NET Applications.
  • Worked with team on application design and pricing strategies.
  • Designed hundreds of assets for Email Campaigns, Websites, Trade Show Displays and Print, Video Marketing and presentations.
  • Worked on developing technical demos with hardware,
  • Created Animations for YouTube marketing, application tutorials intro and outro.
  • Hired and worked with VO contractor.
  • Created email campaigns with average of 30% click through rate.
  • Created branding for child companies and brands of InStock.
  • Worked on Trademarking of names and taglines.


2006 to present:

  • City of Santa Monica,
  • Cocktail Home,
  • DCI Inc,
  • GrandVista Music,
  • Joe Spadaford,
  • Main Street News,
  • Nomzilla Sushi Etc,
  • Orange Morning Creative,
  • Stunt Double Creative,
  • Williamson Co. Homes for the Holidays,
  • Williamson Co. Lit Council,
  • WNSR Sports Radio,
  • Hughes Media

Personal Projects:

  • HomeLAN Security: Home network monitoring and notification tools for the average home owner using NodeJS as the codebase.
  • TheReview: government agency review service and data collection service and api with a focus on police officer reviews at an individual level.