My 'Battlestation'

I'm a designer/developer. I work from home. This is my workspace.

This need came about after spending all my time working and missing out on nice weather. But I actually like working so I grabbed my MacBook Pro walked outside and sat in a fold up camping chair I had in the back of my car.

That soon led to pretty much always working outside when weather permitted. My setup has evolved over time from junky looking laptop stands with a lap desk I removed the pad from the bottom to make room for my Magic Mounts and adhesive disks.

full view of balcony workspace

The Desk

Each part of this desk is a work in progress. I spent a shameful amount of time searching for something that looked modern but allowed for flexibility. I ran across this white steel desk on Amazon one night and it was pretty cheap so I risked it. Being made of metal was a huge unexpected bonus as I use magnets to customize things.

The Process

As I put the desk together I like to see what parts could be excluded or slightly modified. I wasn't sure if the bars on the edge were welded or screwed on. Lucky for me I was able to leave them off as they were too tall for my MacBook. I did, however, find a use for the one behind