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I have a new Blog thing as a temporary solution to the lack of site that I have. Check it out!

My website is under construction so this is a temporary page, but there's some projects at other places listed below.

This is the main domain/url for Shayne Trosdahl also known as Trozdol. I draw, design websites, design graphics for print and web, create mobile apps using Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.

shayne [at] | Nashville, TN

About Shayne:

My Name is Shayne Trosdahl. I grew up on the road in a family of musicians. For some reason I never developed a big interest in learning to play, but I loved to draw. That's where it started, sketching. I soon took an interest in design and photography. I felt that design was a little better of a fit so I ran with it. After college, majoring for Graphic Design, I took to the freelance/contractor world. I loved technology too, so I soon taught myself HTML and CSS. That lead to a little PHP and Javascript. Combining the two, graphic design and web design helped me get into doors I might not have otherwise entered.

With my experience in art and web I went on the road. I moved to Utah then California. In LA I got a job working with the city of Santa Monica doing designs for various tourism and festival projects. Soon after I got an offer to work on mobile applications using technology I already understood. Using Sencha Touch I can use CSS3 and HTML5 to create mobile apps. Using these technologies I am able to create a cross platform mobile application. This is based on the Webkit platform that many phones already make use of.


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